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Our Standard Monitored Service provides routine patrols twice a week to check vehicle and parking compliance. 

If you are dealing with extensive issues at the same time of day we recommend nominating specific days and times that we can monitor. A few options allow us to visit at different times throughout the week.

If you are dealing with sporadic and random parking abuse at all hours of the day, then we  recommend letting us patrol this site spontaneously as randomised patrol times have been proven to work well against consistent parking abuse.

Forms of enforcement included are:
Ticketing, Clamping, Towing 

All of our Dedicated Service customers are able to request a monitor report which tracks the exact times and dates of our visits with additional data on enforcement activity.

Standard Monitored Service

Price Options
$30.00every week until canceled
$120.00every month until canceled
Subscribe Annually and save 12%
$1,265.00every year until canceled
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